Gambrinus Siete Aguas

1º Concurso Nacional de Cassola de Sant Blai; VÍ Vid Reports from Torrent.

2018 got off to a cracking start on Monday 5 February  (gastronomicaly speaking) with the first Competition of the year, the National []

3º Concurso, Arròs del Senyoret `Ciudad Betera´. A VÍ Vid report.

  Arròs del Senyoret is one of the great seafood dishes in the canon of Valencian gastronomy, taking its name from the paella cooked for the gentry. The seafood is prepared by removing the shells so that those eating it did not have to soil their fingers whilst eating it. Like all the great seafood dishes the stock is the key ingredient in providing the depth of flavour but this is of course added to by the quality and variety of seafood []