VÍ vid is a collaboration between Marian Darás and Riki Wigley to promote Valencian wines and Gastronomy using the English language. We are a direct link to the English speaking community in the Valencian region ( and overseas).

Vividblog is our publicity tool reporting on our activities, together with our Facebook page VÍ vid.

We coordinate directly with the governing bodies of the Valencian wine denominations (CRDO´s).

We provide assistance directly to wineries and to the CRDO´s in using the English Language to promote their wines and wine-tourism.

VÍ vid also collaborates with other authorities such as PROAVA, the Valencian agency responsible for promoting quality agricultural products and wines in the Province including giving wine-tastings in English.

As part of the Media and Communications group in Valencia we attend many events and have extensive contacts. We collaborate as wine journalists with Las Provincias newspaper and their `app´ Wines and Spirits Television.

We also run  wine clubs, notably the Circulo de Vino de Pedralba for whom we give monthly tastings in English. This currently is made up of Spanish, English and   members from other countries, (currently living here),  united by their love of Valencian Wines and the English language.We give tastings for specialist wine outlets.

We also have contacts in other countries who use our advice for importing wines from the Province.

Marian is a native Valencian with an extensive knowledge of the wines and gastronomy of the Region.

Riki  is English, came to Valencia in 1994 and fell in love with the Gastronomy and Wines which are insufficiently known outside the province and has an extensive experience of tasting wines  from all over the world over 40 years.

We can be contacted at vividvinos@hotmail.com and welcome your comments and questions.



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