Month: February 2020

Burgers with Gold-Leaf! VÍ Vid Reports from Hard Rock Café’s New Menu Launch in Valencia.

The Hard Rock café chain is International with 262 outlets, (restaurants, hotels, shops) in some 76 countries worldwide. It is perhaps as []

III Concurso La Cassola de San Blai: VÍ Vid Reports from Torrent.

Also known as Rossejat Torrentí, this arroz al horno is specific to Torrent on the outskirts of Valencia City . It is marked by its main difference to the other arroces of this type by the inclusion of two pelotas, one a meatball and the other a sweet dumpling with marzipan. Twenty-Four restaurants from the local area, Valencian Community and Spain generally took part in this third running of the competion. It is a competiton of some standing and attracts a top []