Burgers with Gold-Leaf! VÍ Vid Reports from Hard Rock Café’s New Menu Launch in Valencia.

The Hard Rock café chain is International with 262 outlets, (restaurants, hotels, shops) in some 76 countries worldwide. It is perhaps as well known for its collection of Rock and Pop memorabilia from clothing, to musical instruments, drum-kits etc which now number some 83,000 as for its burgers!

Surrounded by a Michael Jackson signed fedora, Carlos Santana´s guitar, drum kits from Black Sabbath and Keith Richard´s leather waistcoat……amongst other items, we were introduced to the new offer.

Hard Rock Café are responding to the desire of their customers for healthier food. The new menu includes burgers made with Black Angus beef and includes one covered with edible 24K gold-leaf as well as vegetarian option, mini-burgers and a range of new salads and milk shakes.

Following an extremely pleasant aperitif of a vodka/rosé wine and passion fruit, green tea and lime with ginger beer from Fever Tree (Rhythm and Rosé Mule) we settled down to the elements of the new menu.

We began with three salads, the first of which was California Cobb-style, Chicken from the grill, avocado, toasted corn, black beans, ranchero dressing and leaves, Monterey Jack cheese and pomegranate seeds, toasted seeds.


The second a beefsteak from the plancha, a mix of salad leaves, in a vinaigrette of blue cheese, with red onions in escabeche, red peppers and Roma tomatoes, crunchy onion and blue cheese crumbs.

The third was fresh beetroot with fresh kale leaves, orange segments, baby spinach leaves and a dressing of lemon juice and spices, crowned with pumpkin seeds and crumbled goats cheese.

A range of new burgers included ‘Moving Mountains’, a 100% Vegetal origin base , cheddar cheese,crunchy onion rings and lettuce with lettuce and tomato.

The star was the  burger of Black Angus, covered in 24 Carat gold-leaf, cheddar cheese with lettuce and red onion rings. A part of the price for this is destined as a donation for the Non-governmental organisation ‘Action against Hunger’.

‘Sliders’ is a plate of three mini-hamburgers all from beef, the first with American cheese and onion rings, with a creamy cole-slaw. The second with onion rings, classic buffalo sauce and a blue cheese dressing. The third was an equally classic cheese and bacon burger with Jack Daniels whiskey.

Two other plates we enjoyed were flatbreads, three cheeses and Roma Tomato flatbread with fresh basil and coriander pesto and a second ‘Southwest Chicken’ with red peppers and onions and finished with a chipotle dressing.

For dessert we had two cheesse cakes, two options to choose, strawberry or chocolate topping!

We finished with a milkshake or two, one with alcohol and one without, both with lots of cream and chocolate!

The new menu certainly meets the requirements for a healthy eating option, the ingredients were all fresh and very flavourful, and the presentation is excellent. Hard Rock Café is an experience, to be tried and the new menu will not dissapoint.

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