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VÍ Vid revisits Chozas Carrascal 12 years On; Now a Pago, So Many More Changes and a New Cava!

VÍ Vid first started documenting Valencian Gastronomy and Bodegas back in September 2009 and only the third winery visit was to Chozas []

‘Paella Evolutiva’, The Valencian Paella for Today and for Sharing with the World

Ever since Paella Valenciana was abused by chefs abroad like Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey, and Cataluña claimed it as their own, chefs and locals living in Valencia have fought hard to establish the Valencian Communities’ favourite dish both in terms of ownership but also its ingredients and the manner of cooking. VÍ Vid has been there since the beginning of this campaign: with the 10 chefs who originally tried to get a DO for Paella Valenciana, with Paco Alonso and subsequently []