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Launching the IV edition of Valencia Culinary Festival 2020. VÍ Vid reports from Saiti.

Valencia has at its apex some of the best chefs and gastronomy as well and it is this that Valencia Culinary Festival aims to highlight between 24 February and 8th March 2020. The festival will bring together 18 of the very best Top restaurants in ‘Valencia capital’ together with a veritable who´s who of Valencian, National and International chefs. They will unite producers, chefs and diners in a shared experience which will produce menus between 45 and 150€ . This fourth edition []

Saffron, The Healthy Flavour Enhancer in Paella; VÍ Vid Reports From the Marina Beach Club.

  Monday, 17 June we were invited to a masterclass organised by Wikipaella, DO Azafran La Mancha, Paco Alonso and with Raul Cob (Chef at Cap I Casal) and Juan  Carlos Galbis, at the Marina Beach Club, who were to cook a traditional Valencian Paella. This was not a random `jolly´, but rather a serious event at which the message was put across about correctly selecting ingredients for the emblematic dish of the region and how by returning to their correct use []