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1º Concurso, Paella de Fetge de Bou y Postres de Cacau de Collaret: VÍ Vid reports from Meliana.

Following  ‘Menja´t Meliana’,  the 2nd year Meliana has celebrated a coordinated week of gastronomy in the towns restaurants, the event finished on []

VÍ vid Visits Bodegas Baronia de Turis.

What looks as though it could be a busy February got of to a quick start with a visit to Bodegas Baronia de Turis. The bodega is fast approaching its 100th anniversary having been built in 1920 and is still in the original building. Joan Picó, winemaker at the bodega  explained that they were still using the old structure but were adapting it continually to house the latest technology. Currently the bodega has 1500 members with about the same number of hectares []