Murviedro Debut their New Range of Wines! A VI Vid report.

Last Wednesday  June 6th , 29542965_1841364709266841_1666560146596830551_nMurviedro  introduced their new range in an amazing and cozy event surrounded by friends , colleagues and press , and also  premiered their  new ranges ‘La Casa de la Seda’, ‘Pugnus’, ‘Galeam’ and ‘Audentia’, each of them with their own essence, personality and identity. The wines are strongly differentiated by the three  Denominations of Origin,  “Valencia”, “Utiel-Requena” and “Alicante” and  their new flagship  identity, ‘La Casa de la Seda’ that was launched at the beginning of  2018, coinciding with the   Bodegas 90th Anniversary.

The new brand “Muri Veteres” goes back to its history, to its roots,  in a clear allusion to the old walls that surrounded the old ‘Villa’ of Requena, which were key testimony in the numerous fights during the Reconquest period .                                                                “Pugnus” is the name chosen by the winery to represent the DOP Utiel-Requena range, which means “Fight/Struggle” in Latin. A clear tribute to the growers that struggled very hard to keep their lands and vineyards to make great wines. The range is composed  of a red reserve, a red and a young rosado  under the  DOP Utiel Requena,  from a selection  of  the iconic Bobal variety.


“Audentia” , or Courage in Latin is the name for the DOP Valencia range, and it was another  feature that characterized the inhabitants of Valencia20180606_195841_1528488179225_resized (2) during the Reconquest period and   which includes a white Sauvignon Blanc/Muscat, a rosado Cabernet  Sauvignon, a Petit  Verdot and a red reserve which  is a blend  of  Tempranillo, Monastrell and Cabernet  Sauvignon.  All of them convey  the soul of the authentic Valencian wine personality, 20180606_195858_1528488174955_resizedvery expressive on the nose, good pass on the palate  and a long  pleasant after-taste. DO VALENCIA

We tried them paired with a great selection of “tapas” made by Grupo Rex for this special release, at the Alqueria de Campanar venue.


 Finally to complete the presentation a third range called”Galeam”,  in Latin “Helmet,” which symbolizes the protection of  people facing  adversity, taking care of  its vineyards  and traditions to pass them on future generations.


This range is made up of a red crianza made from a selection of Monastrell grapes, an organic white Dry Muscat and a 100% red Monastrell also organic, all made under  DOP Alicante . collage murviedro1As all of you know Monastrell and Muscat are the most widely  varieties grown in the Alicante area and this range shows all the Monastrell  richness, very expressive on the nose, cherry deep colour, complex, elegant and velvety in the mouth.  The presentation was conducted by Marc Grinn, Managing Director of Murviedro and Xavier Solano, Commercial Director in a relaxing and friendly environment.

A special mention 20180606_200820_1528488164165_resizedfor  their flagship top wine “La Casa de la Seda” , from selected Bobal vines of over 100 years of age from Finca Ardal and  named after the new visitor centre in Requena´s old town. Intense red colour, purple flashes, it has long legs, a fruity point on the nose and in the mouth blackcurrant, aromatic herbs, violets and spices such as saffron.                                                                                                    An unforgettable evening with the Murviedro family and their new wines and  labels  inspired by the beauty of the drawings of ancient silk fabrics that were traded during the era of the Silk Road which Valencia was an important part of.


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