A Day ‘En familia’ with Latorre; VÍ Vid reports from Finca Garrido.

There are days when our work with bodegas really feels very special and one such was Saturday 9 June when VÍ Vid was invited to celebrate with the Latorré family both the 50th anniversary of the Bodega in its current life and the co-incidental relaunch of their wines with a series of new labels.20180609_115608

Our personal relationship goes back to before VÍ Vids  first visit to the bodega in 2014. Going right back in time to early editions of Ferevin, Bloggers conferences with DO Utiel-Requena in 2010 and 2011 Luis Miguel Latorre has been a constant friend,


source of information, educator and much more, many times inviting us to the bodega to try something new , allowing us to taste from deposit and barrica and to  sample some of the bodegas oldest wines. He has never flinched when asked to be  a source of wines for many, many tastings over the years and we are grateful for the trust and confidence he has placed in us to present the bodegas wines in a variety of different events including a 20180609_122553memorable English language tasting for Proava covered by the local TV company.

Many times we have enjoyed his company together with that of  his wife Silvia and Saturday was no exception. The event in the bodegas Señorial house, the Finca Garrido, set amongst the bodegas vineyards in nearby  Los Marcos, was a family affair first and foremost with all the generations present.

The event opened with a welcome drink on the terrace and catering provided by El Yantar, Venta del Moro´s premier restaurant ( currently 20180609_133224undergoing refurbishment but re-opening in early August) . Chef Carlos, who together with his mother runs this family business spent some time telling us of his other activities keeping him and his fusion style of cooking extremely busy and  we have promised to visit at the earliest opportunity after it re-opens.

As we mingled  with family members, the President and Secretary of the DO, Luis Miguel and Carmina, the Mayor Luis Francisco and three other members of the press corps,  it was clear in what high regard the bodega and Luis Miguel and winemaker son (also Luis Miguel) are held by the community.20180609_115620

A brief presentation took place explaining the history of the bodega (access this from https://wp.me/p16pqB-Cc – a report of VÍ Vid´s  first visit) the families role over the last 50 years and this was followed by  Luis Miguel explaining  the radical re-design of the bodegas lables for the Parreño and Duque de Arcas ranges and re-launch before the family individually welcomed everyone to the lunch which followed, accompanied of course by the bodegas wines.20180609_125137

Suffice to say that the bodega has been a beacon of improvement in winemaking and has introduced the most modern techniques whilst retaining the essentially traditional style and artesan wines they make, including the updated Catamaran ( formerly heavily oaked but now fresh and very drinkable) and  the Alta Expresión Bobal which has been a highlight of the DO’s push to promote Bobal, the variety , and the territory on the International stage.20180609_115629

We could not have been received more generously had we actually been family and thoroughly enjoyed our day with Luis Miguel, Silvia and the extended Latorré family! Thank you and we look forward to seeing you inthe ‘Certamen’  in  Venta del Moro in early August.


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  1. Lovely post, well done👍🍷. We’ve made friends with a number of producers in Burgundy but have yet to experience anything like this!


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