Fiesta de la Burbuja

Concurso Burbuja de Oro y Fiesta de la Burbuja . VÍ Vid reports from the Westin Hotel with FASCV.

On Monday 8 July, Valencia´s Sumillers Federation came together for their tenth Fiesta de la Burbuja. This is an event which was []

`Fiesta de la Burbuja´, Valencia´s `Summer Festival´- VÍ Vid with FASCV.

Following the three top events in Valencia´s wine world, the `Nit de Ví´ of DO Valencia, `Placer de Bobal´ of DO Utiel-Requena and `Winecanting Festival´of DO Alicante the last of the Summer fairs before the holidays begin is the`Fiesta de  las Burbujas.´Organised by FASCV ( The Federation of Associations of Sumilleres in the Valencian Community which brings together the individual associations in Castellon, Alicante and Valencia). The fair is held over  two nights. The first of these took place in Alicante in []