`Fiesta de la Burbuja´, Valencia´s `Summer Festival´- VÍ Vid with FASCV.

burbuja vlcFollowing the three top events in Valencia´s wine world, the `Nit de Ví´ of DO Valencia, `Placer de Bobal´ of DO Utiel-Requena and `Winecanting Festival´of DO Alicante the last of the Summer fairs before the holidays begin is the`Fiesta de  las Burbujas.´Organised by FASCV ( The Federation of Associations of Sumilleres in the Valencian Community which brings together the individual associations in Castellon, Alicante and Valencia). The fair is held over  two nights.collage-2017-07-14 (1)

The first of these took place in Alicante in the Restaurante Le Sol on Monday evening 10 July and the second in Valencia in Restaurante La  Ferradura on Tuesday 11th.  It is an opportunity for FASCV to invite producers of Cava, Champagne, Cider, Sparkling wines and others directly to exhibit to Sumilleres and distributors  where the market is currently very healthy.

The fiesta brings together around 20 exhibitors and this year included the Association of Barmen who were on hand to make cocktails with the products available. collage-2017-07-14This year the exhibited included :-

BODEGAS HISPANOSUIZAS www.bodegashispanosuizas.com
CAVES MESTRES www.mestres.es
CHOZAS CARRASCAL www.chozascarrascal.es
DOMINIO DE LA VEGA www.dominiodelavega.com
SIDRA EL GAITERO www.sidraelgaitero.com
GRAMONA www.gramona.com
MURVIEDRO www.murviedro.es
ZADIBE www.alimarket.es
VIÑEDOS BALMORAL http://www.vinedosbalmoral.com
BOD. FRANCISCO GOMEZ WWWbodegasfranciscogomez.es
JUVÉ & CAMPS www.juveycamps.com
PINORD www.pinord.es
VEGAMAR www.bodegasvegamar.com
VICENTE GANDÍA www.vicentegandia.com
AGUA DE BENASSAL www.aguabenassal.com
CRDOP VALENCIA www.dovalencia.info
CRDOP UTIEL-REQUENA www.utielrequena.org
ABE www.abevalencia.com
The event starts with a press call and lunch with bloggers and other communications media together with some of the bodegas and distributors which is accompanied by some of the wines and allows a more relaxed opportunity to taste and match wines.
The 8o invited guests enjoyed a meal with baby squid from the plancha, clotxinas Valencianos and a seafood rice in what is one of Valencia´s iconic  restaurants on Avenida Marenostrum by the Patacona beach. Those attending could also enjoy `La Ferraduras´ open terrace looking onto the sea with its gentle breezes.collage-2017-07-14 (2)

Professionals from the trade were invited at 18.00 and the public admitted from 20.00. Also invited this year were `Carmeleta´, represented by Javier Piero and Noema Orti who took the opportunity to introduce their three new vermuts a white, a rosado and a rosso, all with a base of Malvasia and Moscatel and worthy new entrants in a very popular sector of the market.

VÍ Vid would like to thank FASCV, its president Marilu Martin and Press Officer Paqui Ballesteros for the invitation to this event.



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