Sierra Norte

Sierra Norte at the Casa de Calderón: VÍ Vid Visits with the Circulo de Vino de Pedralba.

Sierra Norte, celebrating their 20th birthday this year have initiated their new bodega in Calderón, Requena. Actually the new bodega is on []

A Tasting of Wines from DO Alicante, A VÍ Vid report.

VÍ  Vid were very pleased to be able to attend the Salon Profesiónal in Denia this week and taste the new crop of wines from DO Alicante. The tasting was held in the Cdt of the Marina Alta. 18 Bodegas attended and this is a selection of the wines which impressed us. David Carbonell has been making wines from Viognier (and other varieties) at Vins del Comtat  for as long as we have known the bodega and was a pioneer of producing []