Schweppes Redefines its Range of Tonic and Premium Mixers. VÍ Vid Reports.

Schweppes, the leading brand and expert in mixology since 1783, redefines its range of tonic and premium mixers inviting you to taste the essence of the most special places in the world distilled in a bottle.20180314_135741

Schweppes wanted to redefine the proposal of its range of tonic and premium mixers to recreate, in each drink, the sensations that some cities, regions and countries can offer. Sensations impossible to explain with language because they are a seamless mixture of people, energy, sounds, food, smells, colors and history that can only be understood, transmitted and enjoyed through the five senses.  “Tonic & Toque de Lima” which embodies the essence of Delhi; “Tonic & Pink Pepper” inspired by the  City of Rio de Janeiro; “Tonic & Hibiscus” a tribute to the most emblematic flower of Hawaii and “Ginger Ale & Ginger intense” a sensory trip to Jamaica, are some of the themes of a range that also incorporates a new reference: “Tonic & Matcha”, a flavour of full on-trend until now unprecedented in the world of the mixer.20180314_142522            Last 14th of March , “Acción y Comunicación” the Schweppes Media Agency invited VÍ Vid to the press presentation of  Tonic & Matcha, held in Apicius Restaurant. Inspired by the city of Kyoto and one of its most representative traditions, the tea ceremony, Tonic and Matcha is the result of the strong investment of Schweppes in R & D and has been created to continue offering new possibilities to the consumer and the profesional bartender. It is a flavor of full on-trend and hitherto unprecedented in the world of the mixer that stands out for its versatility, since it combines perfectly with all types of gins as well as with other spirits such as vodka, white tequila, pisco and even bourbon or Ron. Schweppes has been the forerunner of trends and its brand has evolved and revolutionized the mixology in Spain. Calm, tradition and refinement define the great novelty of Schweppes. Of intense color, in the glass it Viaje Japon_Schweppes 1 (3)is delicate and subtle, with a marked aroma of green tea, herbal memories (chlorophyll, mainly) and a citric point that is repeated in the mouth. Intense, fresh, persistent, perfectly balanced and with typicity, it also shows the perfect bubble that characterizes the Schweppes Schweppes Tónica & Matcha (Kioto) (1)brand and a slightly bitter aftertaste, brought by quinine. At the time of mixing, Tonic & Matcha stands out for its great versatility.  In gin and tonic it is recommended to serve with a twist of lemon and mint leaves or with a twist of grapefruit and kaffir lime leaf, if you want a more sophisticated combination. With pisco you can finish with a twist of lime and grape; with white tequila, with kaffir lime, lime twist and a slice of melon and with bourbon, with orange peel or china orange. Alberto  Pizarro had designed three cocktails for this presentation and for these 20180314_145644special cocktails Enrique Medina, the Apicius chef created an incredible pairing menu, with some individuals appetizers  such as watermelon ‘al pil pil’, cacau del collaret, olive filled with negroni, mochi filled with Valencian orange and ginger, puff pastry

collage entrantes matcha

Apicius Appetizers

with titaina and pine nuts, seafod croqueta and capuchina with artichoke, black pudding and potatoes. collage matcha2Starters red tuna sashimi Balfegó with ponzu, ganache with foie gras pumpkin and pipes matched with the 1st. “Matcha hari cocktail”: Green grape, mint, basil, lemon, Schweppes tonic matcha.          The 2nd  cocktail “Sakura tree”: Pisco quebranta, puree of yuzu and calamansi, black tea syrup and chocolate mint, Schweppes matcha tea was paired with hake from the Cantabrian sea with mayonnaise in its spines, spectacular


the cooking point of the hake, and finally the last main course  lamb fregola from Viver with smoked cheese, flavory and perfect matching with the Sakura Tree.       20180314_155921Finally the 3rd cocktail “Call me, honey”: Jack Daniels honey, purple chicha, lemon, sugar, Ginger Ale with the dessert Pure chocolate with matcha tea.20180314_162515(0)

Let´s enjoy the the perfect bubble of Schweppes!

matcha foto perfil vividlogo

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