Gastrónoma-2018 is Launched. VÍ Vid Reports from Veles y Vents.

Gastrónoma-2018, `the most professional yet´was launched at a press conference  lunchtime yesterday ( 29 October) in Valencia´s emblematic Veles y Vents building. The gastronomy event is held in Valencia´s Feria between 11-13 November and is open to Professionals and public alike. Entries can be pre-ordered at

Gastro launch2

Alejandro Roda (left) and Carlos Mataix open the presentation with Maje Martinez (bottom left) and Jesus Machi (bottom right)

The President and Director of the organisation Carlos Mataix and Alejandro Roda respectively opened the launch explaining it would be the biggest and most professional for 40 years. More chefs with 40 Michelin stars amongst them, more activities, more cookery demonstrations and more sectors represented.

Some 180 ‘brands’are exhibiting including manufacturers, distributors, machinery and kitchen companies, service industries amongst them.

Gastro launch 4team

Gastrónoma Family.

Gastrónoma will have 12 separate ‘spaces’ including a number of favourites such as ‘Rice Corner’ where Miguel Barrera ( Cal Paradis) will be showing Arrocito de Castellon assisted by the team from Alicante Restaurant ‘Monastrell’. There will be  ‘Cocina Central’ dedicated to the top chefs, ‘PandeVerdad’ dedicated to real bread and overseen by Jesus Machi, former President of the Valencian real bakers Association and where Luca Scarcella will exhibit pizzas as well.

For wine lovers there will be the Wine Tunnel which will be augmented by tastings of wines from Valencia, Castellon, Utiel-Requena and Alicante as well as Portuguese wines, sake, orange wines, sherry and others under the control of Valencian Summiller Associations FASCV and ASVASU plus The Wine Place will be showing wines from their selection of imports.

Gastro launch3

Wines from Sponsors Vicente Gandia.


There will be a ‘Coffee Forum’ and spaces dedicated to ‘Craft Ales’ , cheeses, cocktails, olives and much , much more.

Maje Martinez explained one such innovation would be a ‘Huerta’  at the centre of the public area showing a traditional Valencian garden plot with seasonal vegetables so that foodies could learn more about the traditional ingredients of the Community.

Gastrónoma is supported by the Valencian Tourism Department and the Diputacións of Castelló and Valencia as well as Ministry of Agriculture in the Valencian Government. Sponsors include Makro, Amstel and Bodegas Vicente Gandia.

Following the presentation ‘Colonial’ group owners of La Succursal provided a buffet  accompanied by cheeses from La Majada Quesos (Felix Pizcueta 15) with beer  by Amstel Oro and Gandia wines.


Selection from the Buffet.

The Feria is accessible by Metro and there is ample parking with costs guaranteed at a maximum 5€ for the whole day.



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