Cervezas Tyris Launch Their New Image.

Pioneer craft ale producer, Tyris, whose brewery is in Riba Roja, launched their new lables on Thursday evening 12 May.


The award-winning brewery founded by Dani Vara and Gonzalo Abia has undergone spectacular growth and good sales since we discovered their bottle conditioned beers for the first time in April 2011.

Since then the brewery has increased its range of ales and opened a bar in Central Valencia, Tyris on Tap, where beer lovers can enjoy the full range on tap as well as from bottle.

The time has come to expand again and to grow export sales, especially in the UK and in China…with a target of around 50% in each market. Such expansion costs money and to ensure it works Gonzalo and David have taken on new partners Zrizer to spread the investment costs. With new partners come new skills such as marketing. Positioning your product in competitive markets such as the UK requires knowledge of those markets and maybe the image which sells well here in Valencia is not going to do so well elsewhere. Hence the new lables.

The new image has been  unveiled, with a style reminiscent of the traditional beer mat, so popular amongst English beer drinkers.

para blog tyris

Tyris on Tap

We enjoyed an aperitif of the Amor Amargo, an American style IPA with perfectly balanced fruit flavours and bitterness, undoubtedly our favourite product from Tyris. Then a short presentation followed  and the new `Tyris Original´ bottles were distributed along with generous portions of pizzas, chilli con carne, croquetas and chistorras.

On the night it was good to see the traditional press were there to support the launch, notably Levante and Las Provincias (Chema Ferrer), other gastronomy bloggers as well as Paddy Waller, who acts as a bridge between the artisan brewers and the UK market.

VÍ vid wishes Tyris a successful campaign to acheive its goals.

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