21 Days of Gastronomy Heaven in El Puig de Santa Maria; VÍ Vid reports from Huerto de Santa Maria.

INVITACIO 19-01 El PuigYesterday 11 May saw the start of the Jornades Gastronòmiques in El Puig de Santa Maria which last until 1 May and where 7 local restaurants show a series of plates on their menus which reflect the local produce, traditional dishes and dishes which are heavily based around Semana Santa (Easter Week) which is at the heart of the 21 days.



El Puig is a town rich in history, 15 minutes to the North of  Valencia and easily accessed by the V21 or A7 (bypass) by car /15 mins), or Line 6 on the Railway It has a small market on a Thursday and it was here that Jaume 1 planned the conquest of Valencia.

There are the Royal Monastery to visit (where the Royal family still hold official receptions in their private suite), its museum of Printing and Graphic Arts , the Cartuja d’Ara Christi and more modern underground refuges and trenches from the civil war.

The town is almost the most Northern in the Horta Nord county of Valencia, rich in the growing of fruit and vegetables which allow many of the local restaurants to claim KM 0 status for the ingredients they use in their dishes.


Part of the Huerto de Santa Maria Complex

Famous for its rice dishes ( Fetge de Bou  https://wp.me/p7dfvi-1Bo), Arros Caldoso de Acelgas (chard) Arros de  Pollo, Conejo y Caracoles, ( with mint – not rosemary) Paella de ‘Busca’ ( literally a paella made up from whatever workers on their way home could find in the ‘marjal’ (frogs, birds, cabbage, onions, peas, artichokes or eels). It is famous also for its ‘ollas’ or stews. ( The marjal is a strip of land, a natural margin between the sea and the land stretching down the coast from Sagunto towards Valencia and is rich in wildlife).

Yesterday mornings presentation was held in the Huerto de Santa Maria complex to the South of the market square and Royal Monastery. Each of the restaurants participating explained a little about their philosophy and the menu they were providing during the Jornades. The event was sponsored by Mascleta beers.


Seven restaurants are participating in the Jornades with set menus at fixed prices as follows:-

  1. Marisma, Playa del Puig. 17€.


Ensalada al perfuma de mostaza

Saquito de ajoarriero

Salteado alcochofas con Jamon Ibérico


Medallones de solomillo Ibérico lacado al sésamo

Cabracho a la plancha con Verduras


Pudding de Fartón.

2. AnaVi, Avenida Virgen del Puig. 17€


Juballa, Bocadito de pan de pita con pollo adobado con especias etc

Pulpo en tempura

Huevo a baja temperatura


Paella de Puntillas

Costillas a baja temperatura a la barbacoa


Torrijas con helado de calabaza.


3. Finca San Jose, Partida de la Maimona.24€


Puerro con salsa de Portobello y tomillo

Tarta de Pulpo frito con aceituna negra

Paletilla de Conejo al ‘Bee Gee’


Arroz de Carabanero y Salmonete (2pax)



Tartare de Fresas con sopa de leche merengada.

4. Huerta de Santa Maria, Camino Puig de Cebolla. 24€


Coca Valenciana de Sardina con tomate, cebolla y brotes verdes.


Conejo confitada, con Naranja


Arroz con Col y Bacalao

Fidueá de Pato con Foie y Boletus

Arros Meloso de Pluma Iberica con Setas


Cremoso de Citricos



5. Moray, Camino Santa Elvira 24€


Ensalada Fresca con Tomate, Ventresca y Salazones

Crujiente de Alcachofa

Virutas de Foie con Tostas de Pasas


Paella de Marisco (2pax)


Filete de Lubina de Cuscus Negra.


Torrija Valenciana con Helado de Horchata

6. L’ Aigua Fresca, Av Blasco Ibañez, 17€


Albondigas de Bacalao

Cocas de Maiz con dos Rellenos


‘Almoixavena’ con Helado de Citricos

7. Alhacena, Av Virgen del Puig,  24€


Ajoarriero, Sardina de Bota, etc

Ensalada de Pato con Hojas Tiernas de Espinacas y Naranja

Croquetas de Potaje de Vigilia


(Comida) Paella de Higado de Rape, Pilotes de Sepia y Garbanzos y Escarola




(Cena) Bacalao Gratinado con alli i oli de Membrillo y Tomate Confitado


Torrija de Semana Santa


Chefs or representatives from 5 of the restaurants participating.

We  recommend booking ( especially in Holy Week) but on the basis of the plates we sampled during the presentation and the photographs above you are guaranteed an excellent tourism visit and gastronomic experience wherever you decide to go! We recommend you try it!


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