5º Concurso Arroz del Senyoret; VÍ Vid reports from the Ciudad de Bétera.


Monday 4 March saw the Valencian Gastronomy competitions move on to Bétera and specifically Evenser Restauración on Mas Camarena. This restaurant set in the pine trees near the Technological park serves as both the restaurant for the gated housing estate and for many of the industrial and technological companies in the buildings alongside the CV35 heading West out of Valencia.

This concurso saw 11 restaurants take part in one of the favourite events of the year. This seafood rice dish is named for the practice of peeling the ingredients so that the `gentry´didn’t have to get their fingers dirty.

The ingredients for this special ‘Evenser’ version of the arroz is a freestyle fumet or stock, which the chefs bring with them and which generally contains small fish, red fish vegetables, pimenton, saffron. There was a general acceptance this year that many stocks contained one or two varieties of the local crabs as well.


Additionally there are prawns, (langostinos) small cuttlefish, (sepia sucia) and corvina ( Meagre, Drum or Croaker). This is a delicate fleshed fish with good flavour.

The arroz is made by frying the prawns, once peeled, then the cuttlefish  and then the fish. The fish is generally reserved at this point to add back later in the cooking. The sofrito is added and then the rice together with more pimenton. With around 20 minutes to go to presentation of the arroz the  stock is added and the langostinos and fish added to the chefs preferred style.

We have followed this cooking process with pictures of the entrants from Bon Aire, Picanterra and Famolenc to illustrate the process.

The participating restaurants this year were:-

  • Bon Aire, El Palmar.
  • La Granja, Sueca.
  • Picanterra,Cullera.
  • Rossinyol, Naquera.
  • Tabick Lounge, Llombai.
  • Mar Sala, Culllera.
  • El Famolenc, Valencia,
  • Bonanza, Naquera.
  • Asador Palacios, Bétera.
  • Sequial 20, Sueca.
  • La Garrofera, Serra.

The morning starts traditionally with an almuerzo and this is one of the best! Traditionally Fernando from Mar Sala and his team bring their paella pans of fried potatos and onions, longanizas and eggs, eaten with ‘hogazas’ of traditional wood fired oven-made loaves of bread, patés and empanadas. Chefs, the jury, the press corps and councillors from the town mix amicably and set the world to rights before the competition commences in earnest!

The jury this year consisted Jésus Melero, (President of the International Competition in Sueca) Juan Carlos Galbis, ( Master Rice Chef), Ana Iniesta, ( Evenser) Oscar Corrons (Gastronomy critic) and Juanma Romero (esRadio).

The Winners were:-

  1. Rossinyol, Naquera.
  2. Sequial 20. Sueca, and
  3. La Garrofera, Serra.

As usual, the event is sponsored by the Diputación and enjoyed the attendance of Pilar Moncho, Deputy for Tourism as well as the Mayor of Bétera, Alvarez Blaya and Carlos Mataix, President of Gastronóma.


Gastronóma, Valencia´s primary gastronomy event held in the Feria every November has offered an additional prize for this years competitions. The winners of the major concursos will be invited to participate in a showcooking of the Community’s  top dishes during this years event.

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